1984 London Style

As long term residents of London we have dissected much of the creepiest parts that show how much global control emanates from some of the most vile scum and filth on the planet. However after a few years break and then a visit to see family we drove across London something we seldom used to do when resident due to the appalling state of affairs London transport is now in.

What was clearly noticeable was virtually every major road artery including what could be classed as motorway had what seemed like thousands of cameras dotted along every route spying and attempting to capture any tiny digression in the road that would warrant a large fine . This was sinister in the extreme and only adds to the stress Londoners live their lives under, when 1984 has advanced to a far more devious and dangerous level.

A project is now being undertaken to plot ALL CCTV in London that has mapped inner London HERE the above maps are a rough idea of how that is coming along. How much longer can Londoners tolerate the extreme rise of Big Brother that must reach a point when the peasants react at the gross intrusion into their lives? Or will they forever remain sheeple only concerned about how much their house is worth?

  • London's media whores pathological obsession with promoting London house prices (London is the RAT race of the world and people hang on to the price of their house as justification for living in a Big Brother madhouse)